How To Wirelessly Android File Transfer For PC And Windows

How To Android File Transfer For PC And Windows

Trying to wirelessly share data between pc & android mobile? So please stay connected with this page. Here’s our complete step by step guide for how to android file transfer for pc and windows.

Our smartphone contains lots of features and they are more like computers nowadays that we used to carry in a pocket, we used to listen to music, click photos and play games. But it’s very capable of reaching the point where you need to see everything on the big screen like monitor, tv, and projector. But you don’t know how can do that?

Android File Transfer

But don’t worry, we have a complete solution to your problem. we have many tricks to share or forward required file over e-mails, Bluetooth or cloud storage services like Dropbox, which allows us to access any content through some app or through a computer. Or we have already many old methods like USB cable aside to transfer files between windows pc and android device. But today we are going talking about wifi.

The Android platform allows you to access and manage your Android device from windows that are for free. You can easily transfer your file, but you need to follow bellow few steps.

Android File Transfer For AirDroid 3

  • Firstly, you need to download AirDroid 3 from google play store on your android device.
  • After download installs this software.
  • Now you need to open this app on your Android device. You will be asked to sign in or create an account first. But you can optionally select the Sign up Later.
  • Now open the app and you need to select the option of configure Wi-Fi network.
  • You need to enable the wifi there and make sure it was connected both to your phone and PC.
  • Now we have confirmed the working WiFi connection and we will also be giving the web address of the browser URL along with the Android address.
  • Now simply type in google and any browser
  • It gives you a QR code.
  • Now you need simply scan the QR code from the android app in your device to connect with your browser.
  • Now you can see all file of your android device on your PC it is much like an Android PC suite.

Final Words,

I hope guys now you can easily understand to wirelessly android file transfer for PC and windows after reading this article. If you have any question or query related to this article then feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting Smile Tricks blog. And when you do come back, don’t forget to follow Tricks Trip.

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