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How to Download Netflix Movies and TV Series Download

Every day a new movie or a new episode of some tv shows is released for the people to watch. Thus, you need to visit a movie theatre to watch these movies or stick to your television sets to watch the tv shows when aired. But today you can watch all the movies and new episode of tv shows on your smartphone, laptop, and pc. Because today many websites and software are available in the market for watch online new movies and a new episode.

A website named Netflix has provided a similar service like you can watch a movie, video, video song and tv shows and etc. Now very trending on the internet this website and app. But many time you want to download your favorite video and movies and share your friend circle and family member but Netflix provide only offline service but you can not share your family and friend circle.

Netflix App

But many people are daily search on google some tricks about how to download movies & shows from Netflix. And Google are providing many results but most of articles and blogs are fake. So we are providing an accurate and complete guide for “download Netflix movies” and “tv series download”. We have 3 methods for download Netflix movies and tv series download.

Method #1- Open Broadcaster Software

Note: This method is free of cost and recommended for Windows and MacOS users.

  • Firstly, download and install Open Broadcaster Software on your device from the official website.
  • After install this software go to the setting and click on the Hotkeys tab. This will provide the option and at the bottom of your screen which you can choose what to record and when to record your device’s screen.
  • Now you have to choose quality from the output tab. And the recorded video will be saved in this format only.
  • Now you have to download Netflix on your device or launch Netflix software.
  • After launch, you need to create an account on Netflix.
  • Now you are logged in and search and navigate to the video which you wish to download on your device.
  • After, start streaming your video as soon as the video starts and starts recording the screen of your device.
  • Now, relax till the whole video is recorded. After saving the video, you can stream it anytime you wish without having access to the internet or you can stream this recorded video on any other media player.

Method #2- Netflix App

Note: This method is exclusively for smartphone users.

The official Netflix app offers download options and you download and you can also watch movies and TV shows but you can not share your friend’s board and family member.

Final Words,

I hope guys now you can easily download Netflix movies and tv series download after reading this article. If you have any question or query related to this article then feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting Smile Tricks blog. And when you do come back, don’t forget to follow Tricks Tips.

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