How To Convert PDF To JPG Photo Without Losing Quality

How To Convert PDF To JPG

Trying to convert pdf to jpg photo without losing quality? So please stay connected with this page. Here’s our complete step by step guide for convert pdf to jpg or convert jpg to pdf.

Sometimes you need an image with the certain quality and that too with minimum size and there are lots of images that you generally in PDF format and when you try to resize them the image quality gets lost. So, in this article, we have provided the complete guide for how to convert PDF to JPG with a single click using the tool PDF to JPEG – Free windows app and Zamzar.

pdf to jpg

PDF to JPEG – Free Windows app

PDF to JPEG is a free Windows app that, does exactly what its name suggests.

  • The first step to download the PDF to JPEG converter app from the windows.
  • After download installs this app.
  • After open this app and simply click on “Select File” button.
  • Now select the PDF File which you want to convert and click the Open button.
  • Now just click on the select folder icon and choose a destination folder for your convert images and then simply click the select folder button.
  • After select click on the convert button. Depending on the size of the PDF file, it may take a little while to complete, but once done, every page of the PDF document will be converted into an image and saved in your destination folder.

Zamzar – Free web tool

  • First, of you select PDF by clicking the choose files button.
  • Now the scrawl down list to select the JPG format.
  • After, Enter your email address where you want the file sent.
  • Now simply click convert to being the conversion process.
  • When it’s finished, a link will be emailed to you where you download your files from.

Final Words,

I hope guys now you can easily convert pdf to jpg or convert jpg to pdf after reading this article. If you have any question or query related this article then feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting Smile Tricks blog. And when you do come back, don’t forget to follow Tricks Trips.

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